Sunday, September 30, 2012

Polio - the final push!

Rotary’s Polio Promise
More than 25 years ago, Rotarians made a promise to protect all children from polio.  We are committed to achieving our goal of a world that is certified polio free.

Our History
Polio has crippled and killed children for thousands of years. Today, we can effectively prevent the disease through vaccination. Worldwide, the number of infections has declined by more than 99 percent. But polio persists in three countries:  Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. More than US$9 billion has been invested in global polio eradication, but more is needed to reach children in these places and prevent it from returning to other countries. 
Visit to find out how you can join us in fulfilling the promise of a polio-free world.

What Ending Polio Means to Me

  • My children and grandchildren are healthy and safe.
  • Thousands of kids who might have been paralyzed will be running and playing.
  • I’m part of an effort to eradicate a disease that has killed and crippled children for thousands of years.
  • A polio-free world could provide net benefits of at least $40-$50 billion if polio transmission is stopped within the next five years.
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