Friday, September 28, 2012

Rotary hits the air

From the Feb/Mar campaign
Over the next 8 weeks Rotary will be advertising on the radio network.  This is part of the national campaign and will be using part of the PR Grant received from Rotary International - supported by contributions from each of the 6 Districts.
What has previously occurred with such campaigns is a rise in the use of the 0800 4 Rotary phone service and with an increased request for information abut membership.  A 112 spots in total.

Your PR Chair has the details and will be able to advise how to use other forms of media to support this campaign.  
  • Promote your speaker programme.
  • Increase the profile of your projects
  • Market your meetings and encourage members to invite guests
Click to see schedule

Remember - you and your fellow members are the best marketing agents. 

To be broadcast between
1600-1900 hrs.

The comms all air during Larry Williams Drive 16:00 - 19:00, there will be 20 paid spots and 36 bonus spots during Oct and this is repeated in Nov. Do share this activity with your clubs.

Click below to hear the two different advertisements