Thursday, September 27, 2012

Use your Public Image Coordinator

For all those Districts with planning in place for the next Rotary year, remember this!

Each Zone has a Rotary Public Image Coordinator who is available to assist in presentations, training and advice when you hold your President Elect training and also for Conference and District Assembly gatherings.

RPIC's Philip Archer (Zone 8)  and Howard Tong (Zone 7b)
To find your local one click here....

Rotary public image coordinators (RPICs) provide guidance and resources on effective public relations to enhance Rotary's public image. The 49 RPICs work in partnership with their zone's RI director, regional Rotary Foundation coordinator, Rotary coordinator, and district governors.
RPICs have professional expertise in public relations, journalism, or communications. They support the RI Strategic Plan by conveying the methods of effective public relations to district leaders.