Saturday, January 5, 2013

All Rotarians - spread the news

Here is an article published today in Time magazine entitled:

The Final Battle Against Polio?

It comments on the recent attacks on volunteers working in Pakistan by stating:

"Using children as viral suicide bombers this way is a new — and grotesque — form of bio-terrorism, and the world, for now at least, is not standing idly by. After the December killings, Pakistani officials pledged to continue with the country’s plans to deploy 250,000 health care workers to vaccinate 35 million children this year. The governments of Nigeria and Afghanistan have similarly vowed to see the eradication drive through to its end, as have the U.N. and the other institutions involved in the battle. The Islamic Development Bank has put fresh money behind the  push, donating $227 million to the vaccine program in Pakistan in particular. This is on top of the billions already provided by Rotary and the Gates Foundation alone."
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