Monday, January 7, 2013

One contemporary team with one goal

Philip Archer - Public Image Coordinator in Australia writes:

As we enter 2013, our first priority should be to ensure our Public Image efforts are aligned with the Membership Development Plan for our Zone. The Zone 8 Membership Development Plan has been worked on by a group of around 20 experienced Rotarians from around Zone led by Zone Director John Boag, and Zone Rotary Coordinator Noel Trevaskis and provides a framework for us to centre our efforts on. Our Public Image initiatives around Australia are an important platform in the Zone Membership Development Plan.

Rotary's public image in Australia requires unification to send a clear, consistent message that aligns with our Membership Development Plan.  To do this we need to present to our Clubs and Districts in a unified way so that our Public Image Coordinators across Australia are all seen as one contemporary team working toward the same goal, with everyone sharing great ideas on how best we can best promote our public image together.

This message would apply to all parts of the world as we focus again on enhancing the image of Rotary in our world. And what applies at Zone level also applies to Club activities.