Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's about TIME Rotarians!

Ottawa's Rotary clock
Yes - it's time to re energise our Clubs.

Now is the time to come out and declare our value to the community.
  • It's time to share what we do in our community.
  • It's time to invite others to share in our activities.
  • It's time to consider refreshing our web pages to appeal to those 'looking in'.
  • It's time to enhance our public image.
  • It's time to be open about our achievements.
  • It's time to invite others to join.
  • It's time to engage the community in our work.
  • It's time to change more lives.

It is time to ACT.

Simply put, Rotary -
Joins Leaders - Exchanges Ideas - Takes Action

A 'timely' reminder for the people of Ottawa
that Rotary serves their community
In Ottawa local Rotarians have a large free standing clock in a busy commercial area with one of their members tasked to ensure it is always telling the right time!! It is known throughout the area as the "Rotary Clock" and generates great PR. This Club is the largest (93 and growing!) of 7 clubs in the city of Ottawa.

Contributed by Merv Letts - Rotary Club of West Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada