Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here's some VERY exciting news

In just 18 days time, on September 6th, voting opens on Chase Community Giving. Water Team International the Rotary Water Grants charity run by our event founder George Lewis has been nominated for a share of a $5 million giveaway. Its very simple - the more facebook votes received , the bigger the share, with the top award of $250,000. This is an annual event, and last year 30,000 facebook votes (LIKES) was enough to secure the top amount. If EVERYONE in this event group votes and invites their friends and contacts we are confident of securing over 50,000 VOTES. To get ready in advance please click on this link now .  Even if you can't take part in the event , you can play your part in securing $250,000 in funding which with matching grant multipliers could save 1000s of lives - LETS DO IT